Our Services

Curtain Stitching

We will stitch curtains and install them on you windows and doors. If you have stitched curtains we can fix curtains rods of your choice.

Window Blinds

We have vertical blinds, roman blinds, zebra blinds, pvc blinds (bamboo design). We will cut them to the size required and install.

Mosquito Net Installation

We have plastic and fibre glass mosquito nets. We can stitch Velcro on nets customized to your requirement and fit it on windows.

Floor Laying

We can lay pvc flooring of varying thickness.

Mattress Fabrication

We can make mattresses to order. Customer can choose from a variety of pu foam, memory foam, rebonded foam, and expanded polyethylene. Customer can also choose from a wide range of cloth and rexine as cover.

Cushion Refurbishing

We make customized cushions to fit your budget and dimension. We have cushions (PU foam) in density 10D, 16D, 23D, 28D, 32D, 40D, 50D, super soft memory foam and rebonded foam.

Sofa Refurbishing

We repair old sofa or remodel them as per your choice and desire. Customer can choose the type of cushion (as above), cloth and any other accessories to redo their old sofas.

Stitch Car Seat Covers

We will stitch and fit car seat covers of your choice rexine or cloth, give customized cushion support and fix it in your cars. Customer can choose from a variety of cushions (pu foam), recron fibre or recron wadding, rexine and fabric.

Cut and fit Car Mats

We will customize mat to the requirements of you car and fit them. Customer can choose from variety of pvc mats and carpets.